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Fuel Sump  (No Tank Drop)    $110

The Hellmann Fuel Sump is the original diesel fuel tank Sump designed for elimination of the typical ΒΌ tank issues associated with the in-tank draw straws. (ex. Air Dog & FASS) Originally designed for better diesel fuel delivery, the Hellmann Fuel Sump fastens to the bottom of the tank and dramatically increases volume to the fuel pump. The Fuel Sump is beneficial to trucks in stock trim, mild street modifications, drag racing applications, and even sled-pulling. The Sump is constructed of aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum, cut to exact specifications using state of the art CNC machining technology. The Hellmann Fuel Sump Kit comes with: 1 Hellmann Fuel Sump, pre-formed Garlock gasket, and high grade stainless steel hardware.Sump comes with C notched internal ring for no tank drop installation